My work weaves continuously between physical and digital worlds, reflecting a culture that simultaneously lives in both.

Visual data is pulled from a natural landscape and filtered through digital programs. The balance between nature and technology is called into place.

The physical world is thus converted into pixels and hex code, only to later be extracted back into an analogue reality of traditional artist media.

The process is repeated and the human relationship to digital space is realized.

The process each piece undergoes mirrors how imagery is handled in today’s visual culture.

Traditional media is interchangeable with digital processes, as content is continuously filtered through the digital realm and reconstructed into physical realities. Artworks navigate both digital and physical realms in order to clarify the space that exists in limbo.

Each time a landscape is filtered through computer programs and exposed to digital alterations content is whittled down into a skeleton of the original; pixels and code remain.

To re-animate the structural information back into material form is to explore the potential that remains of the original experience.

What does it mean to exist within both digital and physical worlds?


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